Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Handy Diff Utility (aka Differ)

How many times has someone asked you to tell them the difference between two files and that person would be upset if you handed them the output of a unix diff command? For developers who have access to IDE's or fancy difference tools you can see the changes easily but do any of them output those nice views into something useful you can hand over?

Due to this issue and not finding anything useful on the web I decided to create such a utility. I call this program Differ.

The command to run the application is: "java -jar Differ.jar changes.txt original.txt"

Pass into the application the newly changed file first and the existing or original version as the second parameter. The system will run through and generate an html report which can be passed around and viewed by everyone in an easily readable format.

Sample Report:

The source code will be available on my github page at the following:

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